Our Culture

Our Culture

Symbolized by the fingerprint leaf, Empiriclee is a place where decision makers gain knowledge and people grow.

The Fingerprint

We want our poll participants to know that their responses are as unique as their fingerprints. Every person’s voice counts on our platform. Our data offers authentic public preferences for researchers, governments, and companies seeking real-time insight. Authenticity is promoted by recognizing the value of participants’ contributions.

Research is important because you are important.

The Leaf

The leaf is reminiscent of the tree of knowledge. Empiriclee is where people come to understand the human condition through self-reported reactions. Our belief is that the best-informed decisions are those built on empirical data. We combine qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to support diverse public polling and social science research needs.


Lastly, the transition from seed to leaf stands for growth, growth of an idea into a company and growth of our employees. What makes us unique is our team. From different backgrounds and interests, we are reinventing what it means to be a data science tech company. At Empiriclee, we cultivate talent and support employee growth with the strong teaching culture among our research, management, and programming teams.

Come grow with us!

Please contact info@empiriclee.com about marketing, coding, and research internships.

Not everything
should be recycled.

Especially not your data.